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I Love Logitech

Logitech LogoI have always loved Logitech. I even love their name. It’s so witty – Logical Technology. That name says it all. Sort of like Apple. Oh wait, maybe not. Anyway, many years ago, I bought their 7 port USB powered hub. Did you get that folks? Powered hub. What people don’t know is that USB ports only supply a small amount of power and if you try to stick a hub with a bunch of power hungry devices into one port, you are just asking for trouble. Well Logitech decided to discontinue that product. Too bad too because I’d love to have an updated USB2.0 version. My old one still works great though!

Next I bought Logitech speakers. They came out with this bad boy 4.1 set with a huge sub. The box must have weighed 50 lbs. They really changed the market and make competitors like Creative Labs, Altec Lansing, and Klipsch look at their selection and pricing. I sold them on Anandtech to some kid. I met him at the Starbucks on Atlantic. Easy come, easy go.

I also bought a MX Dual Keyboard and Mouse combination a while back. Since day one the rechargable mouse was anything but. It never would properly charge in the cradle. I’d get upset and slam it down and once in a while you’d hear the click then the green LED would start blinking, indicating a charge. I was so tired of spending 15 minutes each time I ended a session, that I stopped trying to charge it. I would just change batteries every 2 weeks. This got really old.

This past weekend, I asked to borrow the Logitech Harmony 880 universal remote from my buddy Brian. He was not putting the gem to any use, whatsoever. It had become just a dusty featherweight so I took it home. Within 20 minutes, I was using it with 99% effectiveness. It replaced six controllers, all of which were sent to an early retirement inside my awesome IKEA coffee table. That’s right, I said inside. How do you like that?

A few days ago, I decide to do something about the mouse. I call up Logitech and reached a person after a short time on hold. He asked for all sorts of model, part, and serial numbers. I only had the keyboard information to give since I thought that was the only one. Next he asked for the mouse numbers and I didn’t have it so I had to call back with a case number assigned to me. It took a few days because some days the hold times exceeded 20 minutes and my ears got hot. Today I got through after 5 minutes and give the guy my case number. He started asking for my mouse info and I was ready this time. Then he asked me how long I’ve had it and where I bought it. I didn’t remember any of this information. Then he asked for my receiver info. What? Do I have to call back AGAIN? I don’t have that! He could tell I was agitated so he said, “Wait, let’s see what we can do. I’ll have to put you on hold.” He comes back and sys they are going to replace my keyboard and mouse with the MX3000 Laser. Are you kidding me? Just like that.

I love Logitech!

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