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Nike Nordic Pack Dunk Lo

Admittedly, I’ve been experiencing a sort of shoe drought. There are dozens of new drops each week but many are completely out of my reach and the rest simply don’t interest me. Imagine my excitement when Nike introduced their Nordic Pack. What is a Nordic Pack, you ask? More importantly, what the heck is a pack? Well that’s Nike’s new marketing strategy where they release multiple shoes (usually 3) at the same time, with a unifying theme. In this case, it’s clear by the name and materials chosen, that winter is in the air.
Nordic Dunk

Nordic Dunk

Designed by none other than Jeff Staple and his team at Staple Design, the Nordic Pack consists of the Dunk Lo, Footscape Woven x Harris Tweed, and Air Stab. The Dunk is made with New Zealand merino wool which has the unique property of being able to keep you cool when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s cold. It traps pockets of air for insulation and wicks moisture away. There was even a little brochure tag inside one of the shoes detailing this information, sort of like the 3M tags you get in fancy jackets. The colorway is very clean yet appealing. There is just a hint of red in the rear with a design I can’t quite figure out. The insole is wild, with all sorts of graphics. It comes with two types of laces, one of which is a unique tweed twine type of material. I love alternative laces and this one rivals my Converse elastic and Vans x Trovata leather ones. The best part of the shoe is that it’s reasonably priced (for a limited edition premium) and was not too difficult to find.

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