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Verizon – Can You Hear Me Now?

A few months ago I started new phone and DSL service with Verizon. I say new service because Verizon does not understand the concept of transferring accounts. Ryan was the last account holder but since he moved out, it’s all mine now. Anyway, from the moment I received my first email notifying me of the status of my order, I knew something was up. They addressed me as MR DAVID BOW.

Bow? Admittedly, that’s cooler than Dough or Vol, but it’s still not my name. So I called them up and asked them to fix it. No problem, they said. Then I tried to change it online by submitting a trouble ticket. The bills started rolling in, all addressed to David Bow and each one paid out with a check that clearly said my real name. I even wrote my correct name in the back of the receipt where you normally put address changes. I figured it’d work with a name change too.

Last night I received a special notice that Verizon could not activate my phone service because they could not verify my identity. It was addressed to David Vo. Please, take a moment to let that absorb. I called the Welcome Center number provided and after 5 minutes on hold they got to the bottom of it. This was not a new order, but in fact was my name change request. They could not complete it, however, because I didn’t call in to give them my SSN. My brain was about to explode. The CSR transferred me to someone in accounts that sounded like a manager. Here is our conversation:

CSR: Hello, ok so we are going to correct this for you, today.

Me: I just have one question. All this time I’ve been using Verizon service and you’ve been taking my money …

CSR: Sir, we’ll take money from anyone!

Me: … all under the wrong name. The only time that my identity became an issue is when I asked to have it changed to my correct name. Don’t you find that odd?

CSR: That is strange.

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