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Watch The Gilmore Girls (It’s homespun)

gadabouterjr (11:33:08 AM): i’m probably watching gilmore girls tonight, provided netflix can be trusted
FizzleMan (11:34:07 AM): omg
FizzleMan (11:34:11 AM): you watch gilmore girls
FizzleMan (11:34:12 AM): lol
gadabouterjr (11:34:25 AM): how did i know you were going to write omg
FizzleMan (11:34:40 AM): i dont think that was a good comeback
gadabouterjr (11:35:17 AM): comeback to what? i didn’t realize i had been challenged
gadabouterjr (11:35:48 AM): but yeah, i watched gilmore girls for about six months when i was in new orleans, circa 2000
gadabouterjr (11:35:59 AM): and then i watched the first season last week
gadabouterjr (11:36:22 AM): i find it endearingly home-spun
FizzleMan (11:37:55 AM): What does that mean?
gadabouterjr (11:38:00 AM): but i wasn’t trying for a comeback. i was working and i heard the sound that adium makes when there’s a new message. i imagined that it said “omg” and then it dead. just thinking out loud
gadabouterjr (11:38:10 AM): what does gilmore girls mean
gadabouterjr (11:38:13 AM): a question for the ages
FizzleMan (11:38:19 AM): What does home-spun mean?
gadabouterjr (11:38:24 AM): like homely
gadabouterjr (11:38:52 AM): mundane, but with kind of a sentimental tone
gadabouterjr (11:39:25 AM): Simple and homely; unpretentious:Most small towns would have gladly forfeited some of their homespun values if it meant luring a firm there (William Mueller)
gadabouterjr (11:40:13 AM): most small towns, like Stars Hollow
FizzleMan (11:42:05 AM): is that where the show takes place?
FizzleMan (11:42:06 AM): i like the mom
FizzleMan (11:42:10 AM): she’s naughty
FizzleMan (11:42:22 AM): the daughter and her friends aer annoying
FizzleMan (11:42:24 AM): from what i’ve seen
FizzleMan (11:42:30 AM): hey, do you watch 7th Heaven? I used to
FizzleMan (11:43:28 AM): it’s also homespun
gadabouterjr (11:47:36 AM): i watched it a couple times. that show grated on me more than any other show i’ve ever watched save mama’s family
gadabouterjr (11:47:57 AM): i like the grandmother on gilmore girls. she’s the only character i really like
gadabouterjr (11:49:28 AM): the draw of the show for me is the growth process of the mother character and how it mixes with the grandmother’s dual interest in giving the granddaughter what she couldn’t give her daughter and sticking it to the mother (her own daughter) for not allowing her to give her all the things she wanted to
gadabouterjr (11:49:56 AM): i think it’s a pretty deep show masked in lame “chick flick” tropes
FizzleMan (11:50:08 AM): LMAO
FizzleMan (11:50:14 AM): god i gotta pass this on to my friends
FizzleMan (11:50:17 AM): this conversation is awsome
gadabouterjr (11:50:30 AM): great. am i going to make it back onto your homepage

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