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November Fools

FizzleMan: good morning
citrixDaveB: sup
FizzleMan: dude
FizzleMan: john legend tonight!
FizzleMan: i watched the whole john mayer last night, pretty amazing
citrixDaveB: holla holla hollaaaaaaaa!
citrixDaveB: my grandpa died last night
FizzleMan: omg
FizzleMan: i am sorry
citrixDaveB: it’s okay
citrixDaveB: i wasn’t really close to him
citrixDaveB: but i need to go to his funeral
citrixDaveB: which it today
citrixDaveB: so i can’t go to the john legend show
FizzleMan: wait, are you serious?
citrixDaveB: november fools.
FizzleMan: oh god
FizzleMan: i didnt know what to this
FizzleMan: think
citrixDaveB: haha
FizzleMan: i was going to say it sucks
FizzleMan: then i felt bad to even think that
FizzleMan: how selfish of me
citrixDaveB: i wouldn’t miss john legend for my grandpa’s funeral

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