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Do you think you can keep a secret?

iPhone from Apple website The iPhone has made my life much more complicated. The first four IM’s that I received at work yesterday came in quick succession. My Google Reader now has over 100 new items every few hours, most of them coming from CES and iPhone posts from Gizmodo and Engadget. For some reason, they feel it’s necessary to start a new post for every tidbit of information. This just in, the iPhone will come with a calculator app! Joking aside, this thing is awesome but like I said, everyone’s already written about it. Google for some specs, or heck, go straight to the source.

What I did want to share with you is a well-written article by Peter Lewis of Fortune. He talks about the difficulties and extreme measures the iPhone team had to undertake in order to keep the product a secret. Some senior executives, most of Apple’s employees, and Cingular, Google, and Yahoo!, had not seen the product until (or right before) the launch. Could you imagine working on something this exciting and not being able to even tell your wife or kids?

Although their applications will be crucial parts of the iPhone experience, neither Yahoo nor Google saw the actual phone until shortly before the keynote, Jobs said. The software development was done without needing to provide a hardware prototype. In some cases, Apple deliberately disguised software builds, known as “stacks”, to keep programmers from seeing the actual interface.

During his keynote, Jobs thanked them from their hard work. I say give them a free iPhone!

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