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What Was Apple Thinking?

Perhaps the most interesting tidbits to come out of MacWorld and CES is the iPhone trademark dispute. I think I am especially interested because I watched it all unfold, right from the comfort of my office chair, with Google Reader on my screen. A Cisco executive said during CES that they were excited about the iPhone launch and they were confident that the agreement “on the table” would be signed by Apple. There wasn’t a hint of nervousness. It was a done deal. Apple had asked Cisco, the rightful trademark owners, to use the iPhone name nearly 6 years ago.

“Why choose IPhone when there’s a known conflict? Maybe they wanted the media frenzy,” Stanton said. “This added a lot of fuel to the IPhone fire.”

Peter Morici, business professor at the University of Maryland, acknowledged that both companies have ample resources for a multimillion-dollar court battle – but why? Apple’s marketing staff is among the most talented in corporate America and should be able to come up with a catchy new name.

“Apple doesn’t need this lawsuit,” Morici said. “A new, creative moniker would be a wise strategy.”

Then in a jawdropping, WTF mouthing, fashion, Apple gave the big middle iFinger to Cisco, refusing to sign the agreement. Remember, Cisco was not looking for money just interoperability. So what now Apple Fanbois? Let me guess, evil Microsoft (or some other big company you just love to hate), has done immoral things in the past? True, but part of your Apple Smug has to do with how clean your beoved company is. Not only was this move immoral, it’s unethnical and completely done on purpose, with a smug face.

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