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Getting Served E-Books

I received a non-authorized charge of exactly $10.00 on my credit card from this fraudulent, deceptive, scam site named Apparently this is a new common scam since e-books are electronically delivered (no physical evidence of non-delivery) and it’s for small amounts ($10 or less) that nobody notices.

Update June 22, 2007: Looking at the comments on this post, it looks like the new hot site wrought with deception, fraud, credit card stealing criminals is I want to remind everyone to make sure to note what credit company you have, what kind (MC, Visa, etc) and also some of the places that might have your card.

I haven’t checked but I don’t believe I am a victim of elgoodstrade. definitely got me and that spawned a handful of other charges, including being signed up for two book clubs (Militarybookclub and a big print book club). Strangely enough, whoever signed me up, did it legitimately (well with my credit card), meaning they actually had the books shipped to my house. Weird huh?

Some sites that I frequent are Amazon, Newegg, various clothing/shoe sites that I used my credit card through Paypal for, restaurants etc. Since so many people are hit by the same sites, it has to be one that is large enough YET not too big. It really doubt it’s Amazon because we’d hear a lot more incident reports plus the press would be all over it. And it is not something super small like your corner deli because this affects people across the country.

Update July 10, 2007: Looks like there are two more companies to keep an eye out for – Brookshire Enterprises and Read some testimonials about the later here.

Update August 8, 2007: Guys, I am getting sick and tired of people getting scammed. Do you guys want to work together and shut these two down once and for all? Right now, I want each and every one of you (there’s about 100 victims now, just on this site) to file a complaint with the respective Attorney General’s offices. I even did the legwork for you.

Brookshire Enterprises (Alabama)
Consumer Hotline: 1-800-392-5658 or 334-242-7334
File a Complaint Online: Click here

MOL Resources (Texas)
Consumer Hotline: 1-800-621-0508
File a Complaint Online: Click Here

Update November 11, 2007: It’s been a few months since the last major update and it looks like we have some new players in the game. Check your credit card statements for the following:


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  • Hmmm… you know…. I’m not so sure the leak isn’t at a credit card processor. In order to generate an approval on a credit card sale, the terminal needs to be connected to a phone line. The terminal dials a toll-free number to connect to the processing center. Assuming the card is valid, the printer will generate a receipt which is signed by the cardholder. Or not signed as in internet transactions. Some people claimed to have never purchased over the internet and others said they have with that particular card but it had been years ago when they made an online purchase. But the only sole connection is that everyones credit card purchases ARE processed by a credit card processing center. A processing center that should keep their financial records a minimum of 5 years.

    You are probably already familiar with a credit card terminal – the terminal or “swipe” machine at your local restaurant, market, or hotel. This machine is a direct connection to a card processor and contains an internal serial number that uniquely identifies the terminal to the card processor when a connection is made. This identifier links the terminal, via the processor’s records, to a processor account. I will see if my bank (as it was a debit card which duns my bank) will turn over the terminal identifier information and see if there is anything to learn from that information.

  • Thanks JM. Wow. It’s even bigger than I thought it was.

  • I am a debit card fraud investigator. If anyone has information regarding these scams please email me. I have noticed a trend with these charges and credit reports. It seems that all of the cases I have involve ordering credit reports online.
    Please tell everyone to be careful with this.

  • I just got hit by for $4.95 I have used this debit card on Equifax, Ebay and Paypal. My bank, 1st Citizens says that I have to come in and fill out forms to investigate the charge, meaning time off work to do this because of my working hours. So I will lose even more money by trying to get the $4.95 back.

  • Well I’m back. I got hit by CFM for 9.75 back on the second of this month. I guess it’s my fault. Last time I didn’t cancel my card ASAP because I had Direct Deposit coming for that week and didn’t want my check to get lost. So I forgot about it. And did call me back and gave me a refund but I guess CFM didn’t call me because of the message I left(It wasn’t that harsh). But anyway I’m about to cancel Equi because they p*ssed me off. I opened a Credit Account up at the beginning of this month and they still haven’t alert me yet.

  • $4.95 posted to my account here in Atlanta, GA on 12/26/2007. The attached information was with the phone number 337-935-0141. I filed a complaint with the BBB which had the company’s location listed as Lafayette, LA. My bank credited the amount back, but it was a twenty minute process that I would rather have avoided – not to mention the inconvenience of having to cancel my checkcard and wait a week for a replacement. My bank said that my checkcard number was manually keyed in on Christmas Eve. I have recently done business with Amazon as well as with online credit report companies.

  • Same here. I live in Georgia and $4.95 was deducted out of my account from smartemarket. It showed up on my online bank statement as “SMARTEMARKET IN”. I called the number and it was a voicemail. I also have equifax monitoring. From all the websites ive been reading about this company “SMARTEMARKET IN” im almost assuradely convinced that equifax is a direct link to a “leak” of personal information. My girlfriend thinks i should call equifax or write them a letter but I just know how that will go. If i do get a response, which i doubt, im sure they wont have any idea. Oh well, guess i just have to keep a closer watch on all my transactions.

  • I think it’s a pretty big leap to think there is some connection between these scams and Equifax. This would be headline news if it is. I do admit it’s strange that everyone shares this common factor.

  • They hit me for $6.95 on Jan 16,2008 Am in TX. I also did use this card on Equifax. I dont know why they are not STOPED.

  • On 1/16/08 I was charged 2.95 to my Bank of America Master Card from — called B of A to dispute charge which will take 6 to 8 wks. After talking to cs representative, I googled the information and found this site. I called B of A back and told them about the scam. They told me they will process as a lost card and issue a new one — which will take 7 days. They didn’t seem concerned about the scam part of my story. I stopped using this card about two months ago, but I used it a lot —,, equifax, barns and noble, and others. I will def. file a complaint with the NC AG. But how did they get my cc info????

  • I also have had this issue (Jan 5 2008) but worse, I find it creepy that Susan on December 27th up there says she is a debit card fraud investigation but if you click on her it takes you to more eBooks. It looks like Equifax is sending everyone who complains the same form letter which doesn’t give me much confidence that they are even digging into this. Yes, this would make national news if it indeed is Equifax but don’t you think they will do everything possible, even if it is there fault, to keep that from happening? Remember, they had a major breach of data about 2 years ago that did make national news, and it would make sense if it was an inside job and a smart criminal to boot, that they would wait a while for the news to die down, before starting to use our card numbers.

  • A lot of the complaints have one thing in common, EQUIFAX. A large # of Equifax users seem to be getting hit for this stuff, Equifax says it’s all just a coincidence.

  • This happend to me too in New York, My bank of america check card was charged $6.95 I called the bank and they refunded the money. The site is I also have this card linked to Equifax it is disturbing that a leading company in credit monitoring can be behind this.

  • jan (2008) 6.95,also used equifax with
    debit card to purchase credit monitor,did not use debit
    card on any other sites to order anything else,is there
    a connection with equifax and this information getting out
    from raleigh north carolina

  • I rec’d a debit for $4.95 from Smartemarket phone 337-935-0141. I also have fraud alert on my equifax and experian. Hopefully nothing came form them. As it is a debit charge they can do it again up to the debit limit on your account. My bank suggests filing fraud with the local Police and closing that account.

  • I can’t believe this thread, that this has gone on for so long. Got hit last night,, $4.95. I did an Equifax report about 2 weeks ago and my card is (now WAS) on file with Amazon for the 1-Click shopping. Ridiculous.

  • Oh yeah, I am in CA. I was also stupid enough to call and leave my phone number on the MFBSwhatever cs anwering machine. They have that too now.

  • I too have been fraudulently charged $4.95 from and had my debit card registered with Amazon. I emailed amazon and will no longer being doing business with them as somehow, these scammers got a hold of my debit card number on file with amazon.(which has since been cancelled). This is the ONLY company I had my debit card on file with.

  • I was just charged 11.89 for something from “Interactive Designs” on a card that i’ve nerver used to make online purchases. I did a search and ended up here. I’m confused as to how anyone even got my card number. I’m filing a dispute with capital one right now as I cant even locate the website that charged me. If anyone can help me out or give me some information about “Interactive Designs” I’d really appreciate it.

  • I also used Equifax .Was hit from twice $4.95 and $2.95 Bankstatment did say DEBIT CARD ELECTRONIC BUSINESS

  • I have had two charges on my account from ph. 337-935-0141. One charge on 12/01/2007 for 4.95 and one on 4/16/2008 for 6.95. I had to cancel my debit card. I don’t know how they are getting this information. I do have accounts with both and equifax. Weird thing is I bought a book from on 4/15/2008 the day before the latest transaction.

  • I recently discovered a $4.95 charge on my credit card from MFBPSITE.COM and when I called that one in to my CC company, they mentioned that I had one for the same company back in December. I reported both of them as fraud charges and am awaiting an affidavit from them to fill out. I can’t believe how much trouble I’m having to go through for $11.90 but am willing to do it for the whole principle of the issue. This needs to stop.

  • Happened to me too!! Back in January & now, just this past weekend. scammed me for 4.95 in Jan & got it removed from my acct. Now I’ve had my debit card blocked & having another one sent to me.

    These bastards aren’t going to get away with this any more. I have low friends in high places & they get ticked off when people mess with my money.

  • I got hit today for $4.95 from I had my debit card canceled right away and am getting a new one. How do they do this?

  • Happened to me as well. $2.95 charge on my credit card. Canceled the card the of course. Here is the company and # from my statement.

    ELECTRONIC BUSINESS RESO 412-927-0410 (voice mail message asking for your email address to respond to questions).

    I’d like to find these guys and punch them in the face.

    FYI – in reading some of the above posts, don’t use debit cards for online purchases. You don’t want someone draining your bank account if your card/PIN or # gets compromised. Also your liability is typically higher with a debit card vs. a credit card.

  • Well I can say that is back in the game again. I was hit with $4.95 and 2 $10.00 in 2 days. I have made my complaints to the NY Atty Gen, the FTC, the NY BBB, Mr. Sullivan whose article came out in 11/27/07 and the Atty Gen for the state of Maryland. I also contacted Digismart and let them know about the agencies that I have filed complaints with and that it was now a purpose of mine to report their scams to as many agencies, and congress people that I could find. I will become a pest until I see that someone actually cares enough to find out why this company is still in the business of scamming people by using their stolen debit/credit card information. Keep on posting your complaints. Sorry for each of you who has to take time out from their work, their time with your families or their lives to deal with the those who try and take from others instead of actually working to earn what they have.
    Gena Taylor, Maryland

  • this brookshire was he/she a seller on amazon because on 8/22 i bought a ps3 limited edition metal gear solid 4 bundle and it never arrived and ever since i ordered that my account has been locked. all i know about this brookshire is that it said he was from wisconsin. will someone please help me out with this. my email is thanks he/she owes me $500.00

  • Gregory Townsfield

    I am an investigator in the bankcard industry and the activity many of you are falling victim to is very likely an orchestrated fraud ring made up of Nigerian scam artists. The only advice I can provide is to monitor activity closely and question any odd, small dollar transactions with your bank immediately.

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