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Getting Served E-Books

I received a non-authorized charge of exactly $10.00 on my credit card from this fraudulent, deceptive, scam site named Apparently this is a new common scam since e-books are electronically delivered (no physical evidence of non-delivery) and it’s for small amounts ($10 or less) that nobody notices.

Update June 22, 2007: Looking at the comments on this post, it looks like the new hot site wrought with deception, fraud, credit card stealing criminals is I want to remind everyone to make sure to note what credit company you have, what kind (MC, Visa, etc) and also some of the places that might have your card.

I haven’t checked but I don’t believe I am a victim of elgoodstrade. definitely got me and that spawned a handful of other charges, including being signed up for two book clubs (Militarybookclub and a big print book club). Strangely enough, whoever signed me up, did it legitimately (well with my credit card), meaning they actually had the books shipped to my house. Weird huh?

Some sites that I frequent are Amazon, Newegg, various clothing/shoe sites that I used my credit card through Paypal for, restaurants etc. Since so many people are hit by the same sites, it has to be one that is large enough YET not too big. It really doubt it’s Amazon because we’d hear a lot more incident reports plus the press would be all over it. And it is not something super small like your corner deli because this affects people across the country.

Update July 10, 2007: Looks like there are two more companies to keep an eye out for – Brookshire Enterprises and Read some testimonials about the later here.

Update August 8, 2007: Guys, I am getting sick and tired of people getting scammed. Do you guys want to work together and shut these two down once and for all? Right now, I want each and every one of you (there’s about 100 victims now, just on this site) to file a complaint with the respective Attorney General’s offices. I even did the legwork for you.

Brookshire Enterprises (Alabama)
Consumer Hotline: 1-800-392-5658 or 334-242-7334
File a Complaint Online: Click here

MOL Resources (Texas)
Consumer Hotline: 1-800-621-0508
File a Complaint Online: Click Here

Update November 11, 2007: It’s been a few months since the last major update and it looks like we have some new players in the game. Check your credit card statements for the following:


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