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Dinner on Clement

After we got settled in, we spent the next hour or so looking up various restaurants for places to eat. Ted issued a decree that we had to eat at Zachary’s Chicago Pizza in Berkeley (later we found out they had locations all over San Francisco, including Berkeley). We shot him down, citing (some) bad reviews. Karen wanted to eat at Burma Superstar because her friend worked there and it was supposed to be really good. Finally, we ended up agreeing on Asqew Grill. On the drive over the bridge, Karen called her friend Sonya and handed the phone off for me. I was still looking for a place that would still be open, is not too expensive, and would be indicative of San Francisco cuisine. She recommended Japanese at Murasaki on Clement Street.


The neighborhood was ethnic but I couldn’t tell which one. It was not the nicest part of town and the restaurant reminded me a lot of Sushi Teri, a local chain in Santa Barbara. The food was good, especially the California Roll with real snow crab meat, but the decor could have used some help. I was confused because I ended up spending $38 for an experience that I didn’t feel was worth that amount. After, we stopped by Burma Superstar, just down the street, and Karen visited her friend. Then we drove a few blocks over and went to this Asian dessert place called Kowloon Tong. Sonya and her fianc Ed met us there. She told us that Ed was addicted to a Korean soap opera. We asked, “Which one?” and she told us, “Full House.” I put my face in my hands and shook my head. Ted got a good laugh. We got some mango dish (not pudding like I wanted because they were out), coconut black sticky rice, and these miniature egg puffs.

Dessert Place

We soon called it a night and headed back to Oakland and got some much needed rest.

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