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Nurse Mary on My Health

Yesterday, I met with Nurse Mary and asked her a simple question: “How healthy is the Vo?” Twenty minutes later, the results are in.

Test | Score | Normal

Blood Pressure | 122/78 | 120/80

Heart Rate | 80 | 60-100

Blood Sugar | 88 | 60-120

Cholesterol | LOW* | <200 * The machine can't measure anything less than 150. Instead, it just displays "LOW". Very nice!

3 Responses to “Nurse Mary on My Health”

  • hey vo, you are more healthy than i am. but you are full asian and i am only half. my white side makes me crave trashy food like kfc and jack in the box.

    anyway, here are my nurse mary scores:

    blood pressure: 138/80
    heart rate: 76
    blood sugar: 93
    cholesterol: 156

  • My gosh. I thought your heart rate would be lower than that. Last time I saw you, you looked like you were in great shape. Looks like The Vo needs to hit an elliptical machine.

    The Zombieslayer
    Blood pressure: 120/70
    Heart rate: 61 (I’m not joking)
    Blood sugar: ???
    Cholesterol: ???

    My mother’s a Med Tech and she tested the last two and said they were okay, whatever that means.

  • I can’t believe you found a way to post a negative comment even about this!

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