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Gift Giving Made Easy

I love giving gifts. Probably more than giving them. Honestly, what better feeling is there than to see the look of appreciation and surprise on someone’s face when they open up the package? Or to hear their voice on the phone when they call to thank you? Unfortunately, if you are a kick-ass gift giver like me, you tend to run out of ideas. I have one friend who I’ve spent so much energy, time, and money on, that at one point (years ago), I simply was burnt out. How do you top AMAZING? You don’t. You crash and revert to “pretty good.” Fortunately for you guys, there’s Violet. It’s a wonderfully (intuitive and very pretty) designed site that helps people find gifts. You can search by item, trait, or price and then choose from a drop down list. Then the best matches appear. While it’s obvious where the money is going (Violet sells the items themselves), I think it’s a genius marketing idea to make the focus of their store a gift-giving helper.

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