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Credit Card Fraud – It Won’t Stop!


I wrote before about, the scam site that charges you money for e-books you never purchased or even wanted in the first place. Since then, my Chase Mastercard (same card affected by the aforementioned site) has been completely comprimised. It’s not even worth mentioning where this breach may have come from. Could it be stolen from a large database (school, utilities, shopping). Or maybe a dirty waitress copied it when I paid the tab. Either way, the card is cancelled and I have a sinking feeling there are small $1-2 charges I missed. As the customer service rep read off the military e-book site and the TrimFast charges, I shook my head in disbelief. I am pretty careful with my finances but admittedly I only go back and analyze every charge every quarter. I simply don’t have the time to be super careful, though recent events have proven I should be.

As if the Chase card thing was not enough, today I received a letter from SavingSmart which said that if I don’t call, I’ll be charged. How does this work? When did it become legal for companies to just say “we’ll charge you unless you say something.” It’s like an opt-out instead of opt-in.

So in short, we learned that and SavingSmart are scams, frauds, thieves, hooligans. And since I read that Bargain Network is involved and I think they are the dirtiest company in the world, I’ll throw that in for good measure too.

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