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Top Chef – Season 3

Summer reminds me of Saturdays.  You don’t have to go to school (if you’re still a student) and there’s absolutely nothing to watch on TV. While it’s no Prison Break, I am keeping my sanity with Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen. Both are cooking competitions but that’s where their similiarities end. Hell’s Kitchen is a circus freak show of some of the worst cooks and personalities in recent memory. I think I can cook better than half those people. The other is a sigh of relief.

Tonight was the premier of Top Chef on Bravo. I haven’t figured it out exactly, but I must get an East Coast feed because my new episode started at 7 PM instead of 10 PM like it was advertised. Right off the bat, you knew these people were here to play. I was surprised to learn that there were two Asians on the show; both of them Vietnamese! I was ecstatic to find that one of them, Hung, is a very talented cook.

The big story of the night though is the man who did not know what an amuse bouche is. Clay messed up the first pre-quickfire and then the quickfire itself. I was excited to learn he is the sous chef at the “exclusive” University Club of Santa Barbara. I am a sucker for exclusivity so that place has always held a special place on my “To Do List.” I wasn’t even swayed when my roommate Ryan, who had been there numerous times with his boss (an appellate judge), told me it was nothing special. After seeing his god awful performance, I no longer have any interest in eating there. What a joke.

Thanks Top Chef!

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