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Scissors For Lefty – Underhanded Romance

I’ve been listening to “Underhanded Romance,” the album by a group that SF Weekly voted “best up-and-coming indie band) and I am having a damn hard time putting my finger on describing them. The singer has that non-traditional but increasingly more common rock voice that’s too shrilly for emo or punk, but just the perfect pitch for the kind of bands that are on the airwaves today. Signed to the same label abroad ad Arcade Fire, the Decemberists, and Belle & Sebastian, Underhanded Romance impresses me with how many things are going on at once. It took me (more than) a few listens, but as you break down the layers, you keep discovering there is so much more to their sound than you originally thought. Their new full-length US album dropped just two days ago (June 12). If you’re a fan of The Killers, Hot Hot Heat, Franz Ferdinand, or any of the aforementioned bands, I think you should give these guys a listen.

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