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Solstice Weekend Part I

I am still recovering from this weekend. It certainly took a toll on me! Let’s start with the Citrix Online Summer Party!

Friday – The summer party was to begin at 5 PM. I invited Steph and she let me know she was leaving work at 2:30. Even then, that was a gamble, affording her only about 40 minutes of traffic time. I had my fingers crossed that she’d make it sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I was coordinating with at least 3 people to figure out the ride situation. We needed to get from work to the Santa Barbara Zoo, from the zoo downtown, and then from downtown to home. The last part was already taken care of because the company pays for a cab ride per employee. It still needed planning though because there are only so many cabs and lots of people all wanting to take them at the same (closing) time. Anyway, Nick ended up taking me to the zoo around 5:20. I left Steph’s ticket at the will call desk.

We went inside and as usual, events had the zoo all decked out. After we trekked up a short hill, there were three waiters with trays of wine, mojitos, and martinis. We walked to the main area and there was already a large bar and appetizers setup. My favorite were the fish and chips which were served in small paper cones with a star anise vinegar. They had servers walking around wearing stadium-style food trays. We went to stand in line for the train and then Steph arrived and met us there. The train went just a few feet before breaking down. We got off, jokingly angry, and went back to the main area.

More mingling, snacking, and drinks and it was off to see the animals. We were not very strategic with our path selection and ended up in the middle with the giraffes. Of course we saw the one with the crooked giraffe. Everyone took lots of pictures. We eventually saw all the (big) animals. We decided to try again with the train. This time we were successful and went around the outside of the park. There’s something soothing about riding a train.

When we finished it was practically dinner time so we went and got our food. We sat with Nick and Michelle, Florian and Angela, and Brandon and his wife. The food quality has been going down compared to previous years. I guess it’s easier to serve 150 people good food than it is for 500 people. Oh well. I am glad we are still having these parties. After dinner, we got some dessert which I liked then we hit the dance floor. As expected, Joe was tearing it up. The DJ sort of sucked and we could only dance to every third one. Terrible. A little later, the event ended and we spent about half an hour trying to figure out what to do, coordinating with people. This is my least favorite portion of the evening.

Steph drove directly to the zoo so Nate and I got in her car and we went downtown. We met up with Crystal and Robert and some others at Tonic (which was dead). They had just come from Wildcat, which was also dead. We followed them to Q’s but along the way, Crystal started yelling at one of her friends so we ended up at Whiskey Richards where we had a beer and listened to some pretty awful karaoke. We called it a night early and went back to my apartment, taking Robert to his place since he was not feeling well. I made Steph watch some Take Home Chef and heated up some shrimp potstickers for her. Then it was bedtime.

More to come later

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