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Solstice Weekend Part III

Sunday – Surprisingly I woke up when the alarm went off which was 8 AM. I knew Michal had to leave around 9:30 and I did not want him to be late. I started making pancakes using the Flappin’ Jack mix Nick and Michelle got me for Christmas. I was out of milk so I used the remaining heavy cream I had and filled the rest up with water. After you stirred it, it looked like milk! The second problem I ran into was their 1:1 mix to water ratio was not right. It made really loose pancakes. To remedy this, I kept adding mix until it firmed up. I think they came out fairly nice, which was no surprise since the mix had a very noticeable smell of buttermilk, but I it could have been better. Their ratio really confuses me. Anyway, right when I started making the pancakes, the power went out. Yeah, the whole house! Then my UPS units started beeping and I had to go inside to turn them off because they were right by Steph’s head. She did not look happy when I came in. I thought I had outsmarted the power gods because my flame was already lit and a gas range is unaffected by electricity … or so I thought. For some reason, I needed to turn the flame off and since the sparker uses electricity, I couldn’t get it back on. Luckily the power came back fairly quickly.

I made the pancakes, giving Michal a bonus one (he needed it) and served it with just butter and Canadian maple syrup. Michal was really excited to get a taste of “home.” After that, I gave him some Sharkies and Gu packets, both of which are “specially engineered” sports nutrient supplements. Just a fancy way of saying things that don’t taste that good but are really good for your ride. We said our goodbyes and after watching some TV, we went downtown to go to Avia Spa.

A few years ago, Mido gave me a gift certificate to the Avia Day Spa and I never got a chance to go. Steph suggested we get massages this weekend and she told me early enough that I could call and make an appointment. We drove down Chapala and when we reached the end we saw lots of parking but they were only 90 minute. Then I read the signs closer and realized it said “Except Sundays.” Score! I turned around and we got a parking spot right in front and went inside only to find out that it was the hair salon. We were led next door.

When we checked in, we got a pair of slippers and a locker key. The men’s room was really nice. I changed into the robe that was in my locker, checked out the showers and steam room, and then went outside. Steph was already waiting outside. I would later realize that she’s very speedy at spas. We were at least 15 minutes early so we sat and chatted in our “spa voices.” Steph was the first to go in and it was my turn 5 minutes later.

I opted for the deep tissue and half way through them masseuse asked if I got massages often. I grinned at the ridiculous question. I asked why and she said that I don’t have any knots and that most people that opt for this type of massage. I joked that I just like pain, which was a big mistake. She really put it to me and since she was Indian, all I could think about was Russell Peters saying, “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.” Anyway, she got really excited after hearing that and soon after, she found a knot in my left shoulder which she kept working on to get out. She never was able to succeed but she did succeed in hurting me. I couldn’t complain and sound like a wimp either.

After she was done, she gave me some water and told me there were fruit and other snacks outside. I was really excited. I went to the locker room and saw that Steph was already changed and sitting in the waiting room. So I changed and decided to take a shower. Why not? I came out, paid (price went up $10!), and left. We tried to go to Opal for lunch but they were closed so we went across the street to Cafe Buenos Aires. It was the first time Steph went there and I think she liked the food. We both ordered steak sanwhiches. The service was terrible with only one waitresses for the entire late lunch crowd.

After we got back to my apartment, Steph left and I did some errands and that was the end of my weekend!

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