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Svoy – Eclectric

I bet you just did a double take. Yeah, his debut album title is a clever (?) mix between electric and eclectic. I am not sure what to even think about that. Anyway, Svoy hails from eastern Russia where studied with the great pianist Igor Bril. Since then he’s moved on to the Berklee School of Music, changed genres (jazz piano to pop electronica), and has won two BMI contests. Despite his shrill and slightly annoying voice, they claim this kid can really get the ladies moving on the dance floor. Hey, if Mike Post and Yoko Ono say it’s true, who am I to argue? I don’t expect readers to take a chance just on my word (not this time at least), so I have something special for you. For a limited time Svoy is giving away his full unrestricted album here. Just go fill out some fields, and you’ll be sent a link. Let me know what you think!

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