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eWiz Gives Away Customer Data

Something in my inbox caught my eye this morning. It seemed pretty personalized and was from a girl who’s name is common enough that I thought I might have known her. The email said:


I just wanted to let you know that I work for OCZ Technology now which is a HUGE memory manufacturer, so if you need any memory deals please contact me! Also, OCZ just bought PC Power & Cooling power supplies in May, 2007, so we also have great pricing on power supplies as well. Please contact me by phone or email if you need any specific pricing. I can beat eWiz’s or the competitorís pricing on ANY quantity orders. TRUST ME! =)

Best regards,

Christine Wong

OCZ Technology
Account Manager
Phone: (408) 733-8400 ext.152
Fax: (408) 733-5200

I didn’t put two and two together until I read a post on a message board. Turns out that Ms. Wong used to work for eWiz (that’s why she refers to it) and when she left, she took all of the customer information with her. I bought a few things from eWiz and I am disappointed to see that they don’t have any respect for customer privacy. I am also apalled at OCZ for allowing such sales tactics by their employees.

Update: 08/28/08 11:51A PST – I shot off emails to both eWiz and OCZ yesterday. The first gave a generic reply from Christy Yee. I know because I’ve seen the same one posted online.

Dear David,

eWiz is taking this matter seriously and our Legal Department is looking into this matter.

Thank You.

Weaksauce. The next one was much nicer from Alex Mei, the Executive VP & CMO of OCZ. He also CC’d plenty of specific OCZ people (as opposed to a whole department).

Hello David,

This comes as quite a surprise to me. Christine is a new employee, first day on the job yesterday. We pride ourselves on supporting our customers, and spamming is just something that isnít acceptable. Especially to me on the marketing side, where we are very strict about communications with customers, media, and consumers. I do appreciate that you brought this directly to my attention, and you can rest assured that this will be dealt with, as this is not the OCZ way of doing business.

Best Regards,


Let’s see how this pans out.

Update: 08/30/08 1:23A PST – Well I got another update from Alex and he informed me that OCZ was instructing Christine to remove all her previous contacts and IT was working with her to expedite things. He also said they are working with eWiz on the matter. He said, again, that she was a new enthusiastic employee. I guess this is the excuse they are running with. I saw a post from an OCZ rep on Anandtech basically repeating the same thing, echoing the new employee line. Lastly, I got another email from eWiz but it was the same cut and paste template as before.

I have to give this round to OCZ. They handled themselves well and avoided a PR nightmare. Even though it’s not eWiz’s fault, per se, I think they could have acted like they cared more.

1 Response to “eWiz Gives Away Customer Data”

  • “I have to give this round to OCZ. They handled themselves well and avoided a PR nightmare. Even though itís not eWizís fault, per se, I think they could have acted like they cared more.”

    EHHT! Wrong.

    What on earth are you talking about? Of course this is eWiz’s fault. AND OCZ’s for not firing this *new employee* after pressing charges on her.

    They told you a little standard CYA to shut you up. Nothing is going to happen to her assuming that there really is a Christina Wong…

    I bet thousands of new customers from that little stunt were acquired and they’re just pretending to be “surprised” and tellling you that spamming has a zero-tolerance policy! the e-mail you received from OCZ was from a marketing wienerhead for crying out loud! it was probably his idea in the first place! ;P

    look… eWiz shouldn’t leave that kind of data just laying around for some “Christine Wong” to help themselves to.

    Who in their right mind would go and steal a list of e-mail addresses from their previous employer to turn around and start spamming the very first day on the new job? surely Christina Wong being the “Account Manager” that she’s not, would *know* spamming is not acceptable ANYWHERE. She’s a loose cannon and OCZ should have fired her immediately. How in the hell did she even get her e-mail address set-up and ready for use the first day anyway?

    I noticed that eWiz is NOT handling the situation all. I’m guessing by the generic replies that eWiz also gave me, that “Christine” got a hold of a large list of e-mails and that they are swamped over there with pissed off (ex)customers. I just hope that she didn’t get ahold of some credit card information. *grin*


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