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When Will Streetwear Become Educated?

I think the interesting thing about streetwear is that the audience and consumers nowadays are not the same as those of 10-20 years ago. Before, street fashion was a result of people not having the means to purchase regular clothing so they assembled pieces and made alterations to make their items unique and original. Now with shirts regularly costing $40, jeans $200 plus, and hoodies $150, the consumer is (usually) more gainfully employed and often more mature. That is not to say that there aren’t still urban kids who somehow manage (legal or otherwise) to afford “street” clothing that cost more than the non-street and better constructed counterparts.

If the consumer is older and makes more money, you’d expect that they would be smarter. To appeal to this audience, you should also try to speak to them at the same intellect level. Some good examples of this can be found if you read jeffstaple or Mr. Kim’s blogs. They are intelligent, yet playful. Then you have something like Strictly Fitteds which I read on a daily basis but can’t help but imagine that kid in community college who uses big words but looks so out of place doing so. My favorite posts are called “Caught In The Act” where they show a reader with his or her fitted cap and a little bio. Their jobs always crack me up. They all make up jobs with as much validity as “life coach.” There’s an inside joke among my friends about how the title life coach is such a sham because anyone can call themselves that. Just like anyone can consider themselves a(n): Self Employed Nomad, Agent of Change, Retail Maven, Media Assasin [sic], etc. What ever happened to “Supermarket Bag Boy” or “Student”? I think they’d get more respect being honest.

I really like the site. I use it as a news source by looking at the pictures in my RSS reader. The text is often not worth reading except for the important store information at the end of the posts. I just wish it would grow up a little because I actually think they have interesting things to say. It just hurts a little reading it.

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