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Winter is coming (finally) and for that me, that means an entirely different approach to style and an increased ability to accessorize. Face it, when it’s 85 degrees out, the best you can do is rock the shorts, tee, shoes, and maybe a cap. When it’s cold, you can mix and match sweaters, beanies, hats, scarves, etc. My friend Brandon recently complained about his wife’s “odd” obsession with long sleeve tees and hoodies. He just didn’t get it. I didn’t say it at the time, but I do. What was once dependable for being plain, generic, and boring is now turning into something quite original. Companies that Ever, Trovata, Marc Jacobs, and especially Wings & Horns (W+H) and Spruce are disrupting the category. Paris-trained (whatever that means), Zoe W. Brent is a one woman show that takes old, forgotten, or orphaned hoodies and makes them cool once more. At Hoodfix, she makes hoodie dresses, pullovers, shawls, add interesting appliqué’s or logos and even turn two hoodies into a single reversible one. All you have to do send her a note and give an idea of what you want, then you leave the rest up to her. There’s definitely an element of trust here which makes it even more exciting.

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