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Maddox Takes on Fashion

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it this morning, but it’s true. Maddox has a new article out on his site, The Best Page in the Universe. It’s titled “Fashion tips for women from a guy who knows dick about fashion.” As usual, it’s pure gold. Just look at this excerpt:

When it comes to shoes, there are usually three deciding factors: quality, price, and style. Some shoes are cheap and stylish, but poor quality, while others are stylish and durable, but expensive. Crocs usually go for $30-$60, which doesn’t sound like much for a shoe, until you consider that what you’re really paying for are melted pellets squirted into a cast-iron mold in some province in China. Crocs have the rare combination of being expensive, poor quality, and ugly. It’s quite a feat for one shoe to suck this bad.

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