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Blue Man Group – Canta Conmigo

A few years ago I saw the Blue Man Group perform in Vegas and I walked away impressed. The small band belted out fast paced, percussion filled, songs that went perfectly with the stage act. Over the years, the Blue Man Group has carved a special musical niche for themselves with a sound that is all their own. During their worldwide tour, they visited Mexico and South America and were influenced by the local music and culture which inspired the translation of "Sing Along" to "Canta Conmigo." Artists like Funky Junction, Nickodemus, Onionz and Gaea collaborated with the group to create a party mix with a decidedly Latin flare. If you’ve seen one of their shows, you’ll instantly recognize the styles that lay the foundation of this album. For those of you knew to the group and their music, Canta Conmigo is worth a listen

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