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FCC End Exclusive Cable Contracts For Apartments

It’s taken a while but the FCC is ending exclusive contracts for multiple dwelling (read: apartment) buildings. Before, it was argued that contracts allowed landlords to negotiate the best rates. Now, it’s commonly understood that managers get very nice kickbacks from providers to keep the contracts running. In the long term, this is about the profit margin for landlords and not about low rates for tenants. Hopefully, this will work to change things.

Commission officials and consumer groups said the new rule could significantly lower cable prices for millions of subscribers who live in apartment buildings and have had no choice in selecting a company for paid television. Government and private studies show that when a second cable company enters a market, prices can drop as much as 30 percent.

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2 Responses to “FCC End Exclusive Cable Contracts For Apartments”

  • do you know if this will open the santa barbara market to other cable providers? or will we always be stuck with dirty ol’ cox?

  • I don’t believe the fact that Cox is the only provider in town has anything to do with exclusive agreements in apartments. That is, these are two different issues and the recent FCC ruling will not affect what you are talking about.

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