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Worst Lunch in Santa Barbara

I’ve dined at the John Dunn Gourmet Dining at SBCC twice in the past two years. Both meals differed in semesters (and thus content, service, and chefs), companions, and cost but both were good meals and an great value. Out of the blue, Liz and I decided we should try for dinner again. Unfortunately, the semester was ending and dinner was all booked. I was, however, offered a lunch reservation which was not prix fixe and was prepared and served by a less senior class.

I knew it was a bad omen when a bank across the street from work was robbed right before Liz was set to pick me up. Then there was traffic on the 101. When we got to SBCC, the attendant told us the lot was full so we had to park across from Leadbetter and since there were no spots closer, we ended up in the furthest possible corner location.

The food was terrible. The gruyere and spinach crepe seemed half finished; the batter at least twice as thick as it should have been. The main courses looked identical despite Liz having chicken and I ordering pork. My dish was incredibly salty and the coating on the pork pieces was not uniform. Both dishes wreaked of the condition I call “Let’s throw a bunch of stuff we like into the dish. If they taste good separately, they must be good together!”

All dessert dishes were served cold, maybe as some attempt at tricking the diner. It failed horribly. Cold apple tart. Cold bread pudding. Disgusting. $22 a person. Never again.

Will I be back? Definitely – for dinner.

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