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TIH: I’m Not Your Buddy

In a series inspired by my award winning (*) list of “The Things I Hate,” I am going to post occasional life rants. I have to say, I find it quite insulting and annoying when girls call guys “buddies.” I have seen people called this and I have been called it myself. The part that gets confusing is I actually don’t think that (all) women who use that term mean it in a degrading way. Rest assured though, no guy finds that cute or attractive. No matter the intention, they almost always say it with a sarcastic tone and a thumbs up or a pat on the shoulder. If you are able to film a guy’s life, you could probably put the playback in slow-mo right after a girl says “Hey there buddy” in their oh-so-sarcastic tone, and see his face cringe in a facial expression that screams “I’m not your buddy!”

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