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Korean Rage

1:32 PM Ted: i went to this chinese take out place for lunch
1:33 PM and the lady was asking me something about high speed internet
in english and i couldnt understand
so i started talking to her in chinese
and she was like whoa
i thought you were korean
me: LMAO!
1:34 PM how did you know she was chinese?
Ted: its a chinese resturant
she’s like the owner
me: oic
so funny
Ted: i must have been angry around her or something
me: or jealous
1:35 PM Ted: serously
me: i actually don’t know anything about korean rage
like that stereotype is news tom e
the only reason i know about it is ronald jokes about it
i cant even tell if it’s real or not
but anyway
1:36 PM one day i made the mistake of saying it to nick
i said oh man you guys and your korean rage
and he got really angry
Ted: see!!!
me: and is like wtf every race gets angry. what about vietnamese rage huh?
1:37 PM Ted: and did that make you angry?
i think not

Update: Check out this “small world” story. Also, I just found a caption for the picture – Eliza Escano in “Elemental Magazine”

cory (1:28:28 PM): know anything about the Fuse network?
me (1:29:37 PM): just that they do like extreme sports and such
cory (1:30:10 PM): i know that woman you posted on your blog yesterday
cory (1:30:13 PM): eliza escano
cory (1:30:20 PM): she used to write for me at metro.pop
me (1:31:20 PM): lol
me (1:31:27 PM): i just searched for “angry asian”

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