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Wii Almost Had It

expertBDG: hey
FizzleMan: hello neighbor
expertBDG: could have had a wii today
expertBDG: sam was grand prize winner at the jogathn
expertBDG: (most money raised)
expertBDG: got to pick first from the gifts
FizzleMan: omg
FizzleMan: she chose the lego set
FizzleMan: instead of the wii
expertBDG: chose a 5′ stuffed giraffe
FizzleMan: oh my god
FizzleMan: i just laughed out loud
expertBDG: she is very happy with it
expertBDG: me too
FizzleMan: were you there when it happened
FizzleMan: ?
expertBDG: no
FizzleMan: god i would pay to see that on film
expertBDG: didnt know it was happening
FizzleMan: and post it on digg
expertBDG: didnt know she was #1
FizzleMan: unbelievable
expertBDG: someone has it
FizzleMan: you cant really be upset though. cuz you gotta be a parent that lets their kid do what they wany
FizzleMan: want
expertBDG: not upset at all
FizzleMan: i blame the school for offering that as a prize
expertBDG: its not the value, its what makes her happy
FizzleMan: and also i blame them for putting it a a choice among a giraffe
expertBDG: supposedly the K and 1st graders always go for the stuffed animal
FizzleMan: haha
expertBDG: mt ike, wii, surf boards
expertBDG: giraffe
FizzleMan: lol
expertBDG: kind of hard to choose if you were that little
FizzleMan: i bet the 5th graders were like crossing their fingers
FizzleMan: and going “god i hope she picks the giraffe”
expertBDG: lol

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