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Food and Fuel Report

The other day, a friend asked if eating costs me a lot of money. It got me thinking about how much I actually spend on food. Then on the way home from said friend’s house, I noticed premium here was $4.79. I did a double take because I rarely pay attention to gas prices. I rememer when $3/gal made headlines. I decided to go home and see what the essentials, food and fuel, really cost.


  • I am only tracking credit card or check purchases. Items paid for by cash are not counted but they do represent a good portion of the food I consume.
  • The gas amounts are extremely accurate since I never pay for gas with anything but a credit card.
  • Some food prices are exaggerated since I may have put a meal on my card (and later was reimbursed) or I might be buying lots of groceries that I split with my roommates.

Go ahead and click the image above so you can see the full chart. This is a report from the last 6 months. What can we learn? Well, the months I spend the most money on gas is when I visit LA. That’s obvious. Gas prices obvious have gone up though. The same report a year before (12/1/06 to 5/14/07) shows an average gas expenditure of $108.89. Obviously this is not exactly accurate since, for example, last May I had visited the gas station in May and so far I haven’t for this month.

It’s hard to comment on food, particularly Dining Out, because like I said, sometimes I am paying the whole tab. The big months are good indicators of months where I ate at some really nice place(s).  Average amount spent on groceries last year (same period): $187.  Average spent this year: $219

I need to eat cheaper and spend less on gas. McDonald’s and scooter, here I come.

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