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Welcome Zappos to the Club

When I wrote my three part series titled “The Triad of Evil,” many folks asked me for a follow-up. They wanted to know what I thought where the three (or more) good companies that surely must exist to combat the evil. At that time, Costco immediately came to mind but honestly, I couldn’t come up with two more. Now, I am sure I can start on the new series. Besides Costco (and REI), my new favorite company is Zappos. In fact, I just received a pair of John Varvatos Jack Purcell slip-ons from them yesterday. [Note: Thanks Prakash for the gift certificate!] It’s a great fit and I got it with next day free delivery, which is how quickly most customers get their shoes. They also offer free returns.

I won’t go on about how legen – wait for it – dary their service is but what made me think about inducting them into the club is this article by Bill Taylor. It’s a quick and fun read and in it, he talks about how Zappos built a company on customer service and how they actually offer to pay new employees money (at $1000 right now) to quit. The idea is that anyone who takes it hasn’t really bought on to the culture at the company and would not be a good fit anyway. Lastly, he links to a great example of their knows-no-limits customer service. They actually send this lady a flower arrangement after they found out her mom had recently died.

In a world plagued by so much bad service and poor experiences, it’s nice to see a good corporate citizen like Zappos rise above the rest.

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