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Did You Miss Me LA?

I haven’t been back to LA for a for a few months so when the stars aligned this weekend, I decided to take a trip south. I left work early on Friday (4:30 PM) to make it to the 7 PM start of the ThisNext Community mixer. I had a really easy time parking across the street at Santa Monica Place. Claire ran a little late but we were still one of the early ones. After getting our nametags and checking out the place, we left and went to visit Lina on Second St. She works for a cool media company that owns and operates a bunch of websites. They are even launching the new (note the dot com) site. Then we went back to the party. It was really fun and well done and everyone was very nice. I saw Jason Calcanis there and I was going to say hi (he friended me on TN, after all), but didn’t get the chance.

After the party was over, we were still hungry (we really didn’t eat much there). We went a couple doors down to Buddha’s Belly. The decor was pretty nice and the service was good. We both had herbal tonics – the Mind Over Muddle and the Liquid Yoga. They were quite refreshing. We shared fried soft shell crab, yakisoba, and the special (Asian fish tacos). The food was kind of lacking. It’s very heavily seasoned/flavored. I now know all the celebrities go to the Beverly location for the scene, not the food.

I drove Claire to her car in the other lot and she gave me my belated Christmas present. I haven’t seen her since our Vegas trip. It’s been seven months. Crazy. I got this cute frame with pictures from Vegas and a set of four Riedel old fashioned glasses. Score!

The next day, I picked Mido up and we went to BevMo. I got Gin, Tequila, and Rum. Oh and a bottle of sake for my friend Brian. Then we went to Dots and Mido and I both got 6. Then we met at Steph’s and Ted drove us all to the new Father’s Office 2 in Culver City. It was so nice; not just the restaurant but even the neighborhood. We ordered a beer (for Steph and I), four burgers medium, 4 waters (onsite reverse osmosis), smoked eel with poached egg, and a basket of sweet potato fries. Mido was the newcomer here and I think it’s safe to say she was impressed.

Afterward, we went to Surfas where I picked up some kitchen essentials including a large square serving platter. Then Ted took us on an adventure. We went to Beverly Hills and visited Boule Bakery and Crumbles. We passed the very long line at Sprinkles. I got some macarons and a chocolate and caramelized banana brioche at Boule and nothing at Crumbs. Oh wait, I got an iced tea there.

We went back to Steph’s place and Ted wanted to go to the Sumo Tournament but I wasn’t feeling it. After finishing up the auditions for America’s Best Dance Crew 2, I did something I have never done before – I left early for Santa Barbara. That’s right, I just stayed one night!

By now it was about 7:30 and i was thinking that by the time I got back it’d be too late for dinner and I’d have to probably get fast food or rush to make something to eat. I didn’t want to do this so I decided to have dinner, alone. I was prepared, though, from the Chicago trip. I went to Canoga Park and ate at Go’s Mart; something I have been meaning to do for a very long time. Read my review next.

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