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My Last Job

[This morning in the QA meeting]

Shane: Dunder Mifflin. Nice mug man.

David: Thanks dude. I got it from my last job.

Shane: Oh .. sweet!

David: Yeah, dude, there was this hot receptionist there.

Shane: Oh really? Did you ask her out?

David: Naw man, she had a fiance. He was in shipping.

Shane: Who cares, that’s not a problem.

[Hours later]

(15:59:23) fizzleman do you want to see a picture of Pam
(15:59:27) fizzleman the receptionist from my last company
(15:59:30) cptshanehook sure
(16:01:27) cptshanehook lol
(16:01:39) cptshanehook is that from the office?
(16:02:17) fizzleman yeah, that was taken in the office
(16:02:19) fizzleman at her desk
(16:02:31) cptshanehook ahh

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