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Will New Era Ever Become The Old Era?

I started buying and wearing fitted caps about two years ago. Since then, I have been tempted a few times to buy off-brands and each time I have been disappointed to some degree. There’s a reason why the top brands go to New Era for their collaborations. Simply put – they are the best.  The only complaint I have is sometimes their sizes are inconsistent. I get the same model and size and depending on the designer, the cap may be slightly tight, just perfect, or loose.

Let’s look at one of the wannabe companies and examine why they make a good effort but fail to deliver. I was really excited when OFFICIAL was going to introduce their first cap, based on the British SAS Shemaghs design.  Yes, they capitalize their brand, like they are yelling. After numerous email spams, sneak peaks, teaser posts, it finally comes out a three months later. When I got it, my draw dropped. It’s like someone took some thin cardboard and hand sewed fabric over it. The hat makes crunchy noises when you flex it. It sort of sounds like tissue paper (the kind you use for gift wrapping). The brim is ok and holds its shape well. The other thing that annoys me about OFFICIAL is it’s run by a white guy but the site and he act ghetto. I think there’s a way to be part of the street game and not be silly. Take Ricky Kim or Jeff Staple, for instance.

Another cap that fails to deliver is 3Sixteens wool cap. Though, I have to admit it’s pretty good for a first try and years ahead of OFFICIALS.  I think it goes without saying that if you want to get a cap, you should stick with New Era. Everything else OFFICIALLY sucks.

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