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Lettra 110 lb, Florescent White

A few months ago I started collecting business cards. Not your run of the mill, vomit-inducing VistaPrint ones that every amateur photographer or web designer has, but really nice ones. I have dozens now from all over the world, including die-cut ones and even a wooden one from New Zealand! I will document them when I have time.

I guess, I have always been interested in business cards but admittedly, my interest originally peaked when I saw the infamous American Psycho scene where Patrick Bateman and his colleagues obsess over each other’s cards and try to one-up one another.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Ben (founder) at The Mandate Press in Salt Lake City. I submitted an idea and they were able to execute it flawlessly. One of the designers even decided to try rounding the corners and sent me an email to see what I thought. I decided the look was good (matches the die-cut O) and had her make over half of them rounded.

If I am correct, the paper is 110 lb weight Lethra, in the florescent white color – hence the blog title. The text is actually letterpressed, not printed. Click on one of the close-ups to see the indentation in the card. Amazing stuff.

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