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Sneaks Peek: Day 6

Day 6

Shoes: Adidas ZX 8000 Goodfoot
Colorway: Green and gray, made of recycled materials.
Description: I know it’s technically day 7. I have been busy playing with my new iphone so forgive the late update. This shoe was created by the fellas at Goodfoot, located in Canada. These shoes were released in the first batch in Adidas’s AZX series. What they did was invite stores whose name shared each of the letters of the alphabet (A-Z) to Germany to collaborate with Adidas designers on a pair of ZX’s (classic running shoes). Hence the name, AZX. Anyway, Goodfoot designed a pair of ZX 8000’s and since they were letter G, they thought about using the colors Green and Gray but also making it "green" by manufacturing it out of recycled material. It also happens to be a very comfortable shoe! There are two more batches to go.

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