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Sneaks Peek: Day 10

Day 10

Shoes: Allen-Edmonds Park Avenue 
Colorway: Black
Description: When you grow older, your tastes mature as well. When I was in junior high, a pair of Sketcher “dress” shoes were my favorite. Then came Born and now I think I’ve found a good sweet spot with Allen-Edmonds. They are one of the few remaining US shoe companies still manufacturing in the States. They are not cheap but not the kind of prices you’d pay for Lobbs, Edward Green, Alden, etc. I have been wanting to get a pair of Park Avenues for a while since it’s their main flagship shoe. And by that, I just mean the model that people think of when they think of AE. When Nordstrom’s had a sale recently, I knew I had to act. I think this is my fifth pair of AE.

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