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Sneak Peeks: Day 19

Day 19

Shoes: John Varvatos x Converse Multi-Eyelet
Colorway: Black
Description: I still remember buying these shoes. I had seen them weeks earlier and knew I had to have them. Strangely, Nordstrom’s was one of the few retailers that had them. I called and after some confusion (they are not exactly used to dealing with Converses), they held a pair. I went to the Santa Anita mall with Steph and after 5 minuets of headscratching, a SA was able to find the shoes for me. The fitting was very awkward. Here I am in casual clothing and this man is at my feet in a full suit. He is trying his hardest with his fancy brass shoe horn to get my feet in the shoes. Steph couldn’t believe how difficult it was, but her jaw actually dropped when she heard the price. I looked at her and she mouthed "for Chucks?" Yup, Chucks, but check out all the eyelets!

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