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I am generally not a very political person. That is not to say I don’t follow it or have an opinion on matters. The “politics” category was just added to this blog yesterday.  Four years ago, I was gathered at my friend Aaron’s place watching the elections with a handful of friends. I imagine, if someone walked by his house during this time, they would have seen the same thing repeated on every street in America – silhouettes of Americans yelling at the television, laughing, jumping up and down, eating food, and hushing each other as the polls were updated.

I strongly believe that this election is the most important of our lifetimes so far, and perhaps ever. I dropped off my ballot today and couldn’t be more proud to do so. For me the choice was easy, but for many it’s a struggle between what they’ve traditionally believed and voted for and what they know is right in their hearts and minds. Check out this wonderfully inspiring series of videos from conservatives and independents, explaining why they are voting for Obama.

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