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It’s Cool To Be An American, Again

One of the thousands of reasons why this election and this President-elect has me so excited is I finally feel that I am proud to be an American again. Of course I was not fed up enough to do something drastic like moving (though others have threatened it, jokingly).

I remember talking to a Norwegian friend about moving to Norway and how much fun that would be. I asked him if the girls there liked Asian men, since they would be “exotic” and different. And he said no, they would not like me. When I asked him why, he said “It’s not because you’re Asian, it’s because you’re American.” I was speechless. This was what the last 8 years has brought us. The most powerful (and best) country in the world has become the most hated and despised.

William Kole, and expatriat living in Vienna said:

For longtime U.S. expatriates like me — someone far more accustomed to being targeted over unpopular policies, for having my very Americanness publicly assailed — it feels like an extraordinary turnabout.

Like a long journey over a very bumpy road has abruptly come to an end.
And it’s not just me.

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