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Go’s Mart Part III

I was not able to arrange any sort of dinner with my friends in LA so I was faced with decision during my drive home last Friday before my big week off. Do I just eat some fast food, alone, in LA, or do I improve my situation? I chose the latter and pulled off the 101 to Canoga Park and sat myself down at Go’s bar on Sherman Way. This was my third visit, second time solo and Go actually remembered me! He better with the kind of paper I’ve dropped there. No pictures this time. Omakase as usual but my strategy this time was a bit different. I would limit myself to less dishes (10 vs 14) and would thus save money. Sadly, that did not work out so well because the dishes are different (half at least) each time and I have no idea how much each costs. The math is fuzzy. And … here … we … go:

  1. Chinese broccoli with smoked bonito
  2. Ankimo; gobo berry, gold flakes, sweet sauce.
  3. Snapper; lime, truffle oil, tomatoes, powdered soy sauce, Japanese sprout
  4. Tempura baby eel; green tea salt, lemon, tempura Matsutake mushroom, tempura ginko nuts
  5. Four white fish (Kelp halibut, Kampachi, John Dory, and ???); truffle oil, lime, sea salt.
  6. Seared otoro (Kawagishi) and medium (?) toro; caviar, gold flakes.
  7. King crab & snow crab, sweet shrimp, Japanese scallop; Oregon black truffle, sea salt
  8. Shrimp head in a ponzu type sauce
  9. Japanese and Santa Barbara uni; truffle oil, sea salt
  10. Blue crab hand roll; sea salt, truffle oil
  11. Dessert; orange, raspberry, blackberry, and condensed milk.

Total for one: $177

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