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Go’s Mart

I was headed back to a smoldering and foggy SB and decided to take a detour to Canoga Park for some Go’s Mart. They were closing in an hour and a half so I knew, if anything, time would limit the damage on my wallet. I also told myself,  I would stop Go-San at half the dishes I normally get. I stuck to this but once again learned the hash lesson of omakase. You really are at the mercy of the chef and can never predict how much the meal will cost. I don’t know where my digital camera is so no pictures this time.

1. Chinese broccoli, bonito flakes. Eaten with soy sauce sprinkled on top.

2. Baby squid; grated ginger and Japanese chili skins from Kyoto.

3. Japanese barracuda; parsley, red onion, tomato, orange peel, (truffle?) oil, citrus/acid, freeze dried soy sauce.

4. Baby abalone, grilled shrimp, red snapper sperm sac (mirt), sea urchin (uni); gold flakes, lemon, truffle oil, sea salt, caviar.

5. Four white fish; red snapper, kelp halibut, butterfish, and kimutai; truffle oil, served with rice (ie nigiri)

6. Fresh scallop, snow crab, seared octopus; caviar, sea salt, truffle oil.

7. Toro caviar nigiri; soy sauce

8. Santa Barbara sea urchin; truffle oil, sea salt

9. Fresh fruit with condensed milk.

Total: $155 for one.

Note: All my prices are always food + drinks + tax + tip. I figure this gives people the best idea of how much they’ll spend at a particular restaurant. I know many bloggers only list the meal price non-inclusive of drinks, tax, and tip. Since ever patron will have to pay for tax and I rarely have more than two drinks, I may move to a policy where I’[ll post the price with drinks and tax but not tip since that would vary from person to person. Sometimes this is impossible though if I am splitting with many people.

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