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Last night after an early dinner at Central, (which was delicious but a bit heavy) we said our goodbyes to Josh and Jamie and headed to the memorials. We saw the Washington Monument then the WW2 Memorial. We headed to Lincoln but decided to check out Jefferson first. But first we met up with Jennifer who we’ve been corresponding with via email about the conference but never actual met in person. Lots of smiles an hugs. Our goal earlier had been to see the monuments at night but we gave up since it’s summer and the sun stays out forever. Luckily the monuments are deceptively far so by the time we hit Jefferson across the tidal basin it was all lit up. We sat on th steps with Jefferson to our backs and the tallest mason tower to our front, off in the distance across the shimmering water. We were taking shop and for a minute I involuntarily tuned out and thought to myself “this is surreal. I can’t believe I am here.”

Then I felt sorry for all the bachelors living in amazing cities like DC or Paris because breathtaking views like this are commonplace. You couldn’t be much of a pimp taking a girl to “this great view” you know because she’s probably been there a million times before with every other guy who thought ge was original also.

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