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Three States, One Day

We were supposed to be at our B&B this morning around 10 to 10:30 AM to drop off our bags. We did not actually wake up until 11 AM and by the time we got to our destination on 16th and U St, it was past noon. I felt terrible because I think it’s really disrespectful. If you’re keeping track that’s Maryland and D.C. – two states. Jess and I parted ways and I headed on the orange line to Clarendon. I walked just a few blocks to Farinelli’s, a high-end men’s clothing store. I’ll write more about the store later as a piece on (so look for it!)

The owner, Mauro, and I went to Restaurant Eve and had a great lunch. We both had drinks and tea afterward. We just talked a lot of shop and it was great to hear and insider’s view on fashion. He had some great things to say about men vs women and how each gender makes purchasing decisions.

We headed back to the store, driving along to Potomoc. Seriously, some amazing views. CA does not have the greenery like they do out here. As a side note, DC is hot and humid like you would not believe. I am not saying CA has never been this hot (really only mid 80’s) but it’s extremely uncomfortable.  You feel dirty and sweaty even just walking down the street. It’s terrible. What’s funny is the area I was in, in Virginia, is close to the courthouse so you see a lot of men in dress shirts, slacks, and tie and I think about how disgustingly uncomfortable they must be!

When we got back to the store, I picked up a pair of the collaboration jeans that Farnielli did with Crate. Great fit and admitetdly an impulse buy. It’s getting shipped to me.

I took the Orange line back to Smithsonian and walked a block over and met Jessica at the Holocaust museum. Outside there were at least six DCPD squad cars, a K-9 unit and guys with full tactical gear, leg holsters and bulletproof vests on. They were not messing around.

I only had 30 mins before they closed so I had her take me to two of the must see exhibits. We left and checked out the Korean War, Lincoln, and Vietnam War memorials. There were baby ducks in the Reflecting Pool. Jess must have taken about two dozen pictures of them. Afterward, we went back to the B&B to relax.

We then walked a few blocks down the street to this awesome neighborhood joint called Hank’s Oyster Bar where we were supposed to meet Jennifer. She ran about 30 mins late so in the meantime, we had drinks at the bar. Both of our drinks were so delicious and I could barely taste the alcohol in it, though we could clearly see it was there when the bartender mixed it.

We had some great seafood and everyone was pleased. We went to this frozen yogurt place a few doors down from Komi and while standing in the long but fastmoving line, we were asked a trivia question for a chance at 10% off. We got it right so the girls enjoyed the discount. The yogurt is not unlike the stuff in CA.  It was quite good in fact. I still love Pinkberry.

We are now back at the B&B on our fourth floor room with a view of the dome of the Capitol in the distance. I am waiting to get hungry so we can go get some Ben’s Chili bowl. DELICIOUS! Tomorrow I am thinking 2 Amy’s, Smithsonian’s, and maybe Five Guys?

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