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I received a case of nuun a few months ago and after I gave away half to the marathoners and triathtletes at work, I was left with a few tubes to try out. Since I got back on the saddle, I have been steadily consuming four tablets a week (2 bottles x 2 rides). Let me tell you what you need to know about this product:

  • It dissolves within two minutes but unlike other tablets, it does not create carbonation. This means you can put a cap on and not worry about it exploding. You also don’t have to worry about getting an upset stomach or burping while you are exercising. I believe they have a patent pending for this.
  • Fact: orange is the best flavor.
  • It tastes best if the water is cold. Lukewarm, not so much.
  • It does not change the viscosity of the water too much. I think water quenches well because it’s not too thick.
  • It only contains electrolytes so no sugars or carbs. I like that they allow me to deal with those separately.
  • Their newest flavor is banananuun which frankly scares me.

I feel a noticeable difference between drinking just water versus nuun. Recovery mid and post ride is better. I am always really hungry and tired when I am done but with nuun, the effects are much less substantial.

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