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Slow Motion Bike Crash

Every time I see a dramatic crash, it always happens in slow motion. Imagine then, how it must have looked when I saw a bike accident that was actually happen less than 1 mph?

On our Saturday ride, our group was on the top of Glen Annie Road, facing down the hill. We were just talking and eating energy bars when we noticed a large group of riders coming up. They were a senior men’s group all decked out in their kits. There were large gaps in their group so the lead riders were riding tight slow circles as they waited for their friends to arrive. One rider, wearing a nice Mellow Johnny’s jersey, was right behind another one. The front rider decided to stop. I wouldn’t call it a sudden stop since they were both going < 1 mph. The rear rider yelled “Don’t stop, don’t stop!” and the front rider had no idea what was going on. The front wheel of the rear rider “crashed” perpendicular to the rear wheel of the rider in front. Still clipped in, the rear rider exclaimed “No no no” then “hold me.” The front rider, finally realizing what was going on, did his best to embrace his friend, but could barely do so because the human torso cannot twist in that manner.

After a few seconds, the rear rider, still unable to unclip, just fell over. All of us watched in awe as this epic unfolded, wishing we had a camera to record it.

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