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Crate vs Farinelli

Crate vs Farinelli Denim

When I was in D.C. earlier this summer, I took the train to Clarendon, VA to interview Mauro Farinelli about his store Farinelli’s. While I was there, I learned more about a collaboration he did with Crate Denim in LA. He picked some really nice denim from Cine Mills, created a pattern, and had the fellas at Crate manufacturer them. 100% American made from cotton to jeans. There was a slight production problem and instead of taking the jeans home, I waited for them to get fixed. I waited and waited and finally, they arrived. I haven’t bought denim in a while (I have too many pairs as is), but this easily going to take a Top 3 spot. The fit is right on, it’s comfortable, the dye is great, and the denim just feels wonderful.

Here are the features:

* White Oak Cone selvage denim of an extremely limited edition
* Hidden back pocket rivets
* Reinforced crotch
* Individually-branded edition numbers on the back patch
* Tailored belt loops
* Cloth hanger loops within the waistband
* Chainstitched hems
* 108 pairs produced
* Made in the USA

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