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3M Command

This past weekend I was at Costco and saw them hawking the 3M Command line. They were selling a big variety pack. I only paused for a second, not really taking much interest in the product. Later, I started seeing Command commercials on TV then I took a look at the website this morning. This is some really neat stuff from 3M. The Command system is basically a set of hooks that stick to anything (metal, wood, paint, glass), can hold a good load (5 lbs according to demos) and can be removed without leaving a residue (perfect for apartments). They are reasonably priced and right now 3M has two $1 off coupons on their website for you to use, making them even cheaper. My only complaint? There are too many products in the line. It’s difficult to get a grasp of it all. I think I’ll be going back to Costco soon to pick up the pack and use that as a crash course on what Command can do.

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