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Cyclist Deaths – Who’s At Fault?

Ever since I have been biking more often, I have become very keen at observing motorists. I always expect car drivers to do the worst possible thing because when they do, I am ready for it. I scan the road and will yell at drivers to get their attention. I always make eye contact with drivers waiting to make a turn or go through so my face will haunt their dreams if they decide to do something dangerous.

Many people, especially cops, think that when there is a cyclist-car accident, that the cyclist is at fault. I can understand this mentality since many cyclists do dangerous things like run stop signs or drive in blind spots of cars. In many towns, cops won’t even cite a car, even if it’s at fault. But is this the truth? What do the numbers tell us?

What they tell us is that in a study of over 2,700 bike related accidents in Toronto, 90% are caused my motorists.

What you should take from this is the same whether you are a drive a car or ride a bike – pay attention, put away your cell phone, and be prepared.

Read the study here

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