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Google Voice Transcripts Hilarious

My last post was about how I managed to “fix” my iPhone voicemail issues by allowing Google Voice to handle things. There are definitely pros and cons to this setup. One con is that a traditional voicemail notification (when working correctly) is often quicker than receiving an SMS notification and definitely faster than receiving an email notification, from Google. The other con, I discovered recently, is Google Voice’s terrible transcription results. Granted, this is a bonus feature that I wouldn’t normally have but it’s so inaccurate, it forces me to have to call my voicemail to check each what the caller really said. Let me give you an example.

Here’s what Google thinks Jaime said:

Hey David, It’s me, i’m here characters my work now hanging out with your home team and so I didn’t know you guys are in been reading. So anyway, just calling to say what’s up. So I guess you’re going to sort of a party and or something so so. Anyway, a lot of fun. I just wanted to. Alright, alright. Bye.

Make sure you don’t have flash disabled.

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