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What I Don’t Like About the Nexus One


If you haven’t read my amazing Nexus One review at Joshspear, you should really go over there and take a look. Maybe sit down with a latte or some Oolong tea. It’d make for a great afternoon break.

I am loving this phone. Despite still being on the AT&T network, my call issues have pretty much disappeared, which tells me it’s not the network so much as a combination of AT&T and the iPhone. I don’t want to act like the iPhone is a terrible device or the Nexus One is without flaws or issues. To even things out, here are my criticisms of the phone. Some are apparent and some are very nitpicky. And many are not isolated to this phone.  Anyway, in no particular order:

  • No Exchange calendar sync
  • Some apps like Mint don’t have and Android version and apps that are on both platforms (Evernote) are usually worse on Android
  • Sometimes there is some lag during screen animations or transitions.
  • Strange bug where I’ll return to the homescreen but see no icons except for the applications grid (bottom center).
  • Not so clear way to change or reset defaults. However, once it was shown to me, it isn’t difficult anymore.
  • One of the live wallpapers is broken (bug).

That’s it. Those are all my issues with the phone. 🙂

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