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Philips Robust Collection


I am really digging this new appliance collection by Philips. The Robust Collection has a really nice clean, almost industrial, design that I am instantly attracted to. The trend for kitchen appliances (blenders, juicers etc) has really moved towards an emphasis on design and aesthetics. Compare the Breville appliances, for example, to the Kitchen-Aid’s and Cuisinart’s that have filled American countertops for the past 25 years.

Philips (which I think is a very strange company because it’s so multi-faceted) foray into the appliance market is a strong one. There are five pieces -blender, juicer, food processor, mixer, and cordless hand blender. The first three have an impressive 15 year warranty on them which shows a lot of confidence from Philips.

I have not found any place to purchase the items but if the pricing rumors are correct, they are aiming for a luxury market. For example, the hand-blender which I expected to be the cheapest item and the one I was most interested in, is quoted at $319. Wow.

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